Connecting a Bose headset with Apple

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Switching to the Apple world is work. Often I get stuck. Sometimes it takes time to find a solution. First I check YouTube videos. I also read articles on the Internet. Sometimes I search a conversation with an expert.

My issue: I wanted to connect my Bose headset with my Apple. Bluetooth was on, but I couldn’t see my headset. Today I was downtown and went to the Bose shop. The clerk knew at once what to do. On the side of the headset is the on-off-switch. One must switch it on and hold it for about 10 sec. At home again i tried it out at once. Suddenly I saw my device in the bluetooth list and I could connect it.

It’s nothing, but if one doesn’t know how to solve this little issue, one could desperate.

To move from a PC to Apple is as if you move to another flat. One speaks of the Apple world. Yep, perhaps one moves indeed to another world and not only to another flat.