Hello my name is Ursula

I discovered my passion for photography when I started traveling again 2 decades ago. I’ll never return to this place, I often thought, I have to capture all the beauty I’ve seen.

Another source of my passion for photography is my yoga practice. Firstly I simply wanted to document my progress of the performing of asanas. These days for me yoga asanas are an art.

During the last decades I got interested in portrait photography, travel photography, street photography. I had to find my main focus.

These days I focus on fine art photography. I work with Photoshop. My main topics are people on that globe and yoga. Often I use myself as a model in my pictures.

As so many other photographers I’m also self-taught and learning never stops. Being an autodidact doesn’t mean to study alone all the time. I attend workshops offline and online, I meet other photographers and of course I read a lot.

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