Café Luitpold

Sunday - sun day


It’s still March. The sun came out and one could have the impression that it’s summer time. So many people came out of their homes and proved that they are still alive. The Irish community in Munich celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. The green clothes and the red hair (wigs) were an eye-catcher.

Others took advantage of the warm weather and went by bicycle - destination unknown.

The cafés were crowded. The waiters had to run from one guest to the other carrying cakes and coffee.

The English Garden was full of sun worshipper.


Finally we arrived at the Ice Lake. I almost didn’t trust my eyes. So many surfers tested the wild waves there. It must have been freezing cold despite the black rubber swimsuit. A lot of viewers admired the surfers.


A lot is to discover around the corner. What seems to be boring is interesting for others. One must learn to see.