Three different light situations

  1. In the first picture I took a linen to have a rather even and bright background. I shot with the light. Behind me was a window. The effect is that I’m evenly lighted.

  2. In the second picture I have back light. This is ideal for silhouettes. The body side that faces to the camera is shadowy. It’s possible to make the body brighter. The effect is that the background is almost blown out and very bright. It’s almost exhausting for the eyes to look at the picture. White parts always get attention from the viewer, which can be distracting. I could work with a second light source or a reflector to brighten up the body. Yet the background will remain very white, which I experience as almost aggressive. It’s hard for the eyes. There are no soft transitions from the background to the body. The form is clear though.

  3. The third picture is taken outside on a cloudy day. It would have been perfect if I had been there in the morning or in the evening. When shooting outside one never knows how the weather will be, light and weather are changing permanently. It can be sunny, rainy or cold, so that it can be difficult to perform yoga poses. This park is very nice, I’m not sure if I like the green. In combination with red it’s fine, but the color itself is rather dominating.

Light creates atmosphere in a picture.

For my purposes I prefer to shoot with the light (picture 1). I’d like to show the yoga pose. I think it’s almost a bit ugly if the skin is so shadowy. It can look even a bit dirty. The colors disappear when shooting with back light. To shoot outside is not always possible, but I’ll do this more often, because I like the light. I’ll look for locations that have a roof. A more urban location would please me more, I guess.

Next week I’ll look for backdrops and backgrounds/locations. Living rooms, beds, kitchens are too arbitrarily in a picture with the focus ‘asanas’. It adds a story for sure. But as it’s always the same living room, the same bed, the same kitchen it gets boring rather soon.

My main purpose to take pictures of asanas is to learn. Pictures are a tool to improve.

My second picture is to show the beauty of practicing yoga.