Yoga poses without touching the floor


Usually this place with this gymnastic apparatus is deserted. Yet under the bar is no grass, so I guessed that people must use it. Today when I arrived for a photo shooting it was crowded. Children were playing there. It was fun to watch them. They were all courageous and strong. When they disappeared it was my turn to hang there.

It’s May and it’s still very cold. I had put on a white blouse and a Trenchcoat, but this wasn’t enough to stay warm. I didn’t like to give up today’s shooting and tried some poses. It was hard to hold myself. I feared to fall. My hands were so cold that, the bar, too.

I knew very fast that I had to return to that place to try another angle. I want to try more poses. It might be a good idea to get there in the early morning, when the light is different.

Checklist for the next time:

  1. Set a timer to shoot at least 30 minutes.

  2. Try minimum 3 different angles and camera positions.

  3. Have a list of different poses.

  4. Bring some different clothes.

  5. Change the camera settings