Reviewing my French album

My French album


Yesterday I opened my French album on Flickr. From 2013 till now (2015) I’ve been 4 times in France and I’ve collected my pictures from the trips in an album on that page. My intention was to see if I made progress at my photographic skills. I have. It was very visible.

What improved?

  1. I take much more pictures from the motives that I love and this is people. I’m better at this, because I’ve gathered skills here. No matter what it is, if one likes something it can be that one is automatically a bit better at it. I learned during the last years to leave my comfort zone. I started asking people if I may take a picture. I took a lot of self-portraits. I read books on portrait photography and so on. I’ve not invested the same time and passion in landscape photography or architectoral photography or food photography. The consequence is that these pictures are weaker.
  2. Travel photography is supposed to cover many fields: country, food, architecture, people. Yet for me a landscape is more interesting if there are people in it. I find it much more exciting if someone looks out of a window of a house if I want to capture this. It’s the same with food. How people eat tells much more a story than showing only a mousse au chocolat. For me it’s a hint to focus on this and to discard all the other pictures, that might be nice, too, but being ’nice is not enough.
  3. My later pictures also show that I applied technique. I changed perspective. Light plays a bigger role in my pictures. I played with lense flare and depth. I see silhouettes, lines and so on. I exercised this a lot. I jumped into 30-days-challenges that some have created and enlarged my possibilities with this.

Tip 1: No matter what one wants to learn, it makes sense to reflect on that work after some time. After a month only not much difference might be seen. After a few years it should be visible if there  is progress, stillstand or regress. This can help to make out what can be the next steps. Flickr is a good place to collect  pictures.

Tip 2: Find your life topics and focus on them.

Tip 3: Learn techniques.

My big question now is if I shall delete all these houses and landscapes and plates that are useful to remember a wonderful time, but are not really art. I don’t know.

Strangers on pictures are not so much part of a personal personal story. A touristique place might be more interesting, if one wants to remember a trip.

I think I have to clear what purpose my flickr account shall have…….


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