Germans have a lovely word to name the pleasure in what one does best: Funktionslust. 

There are three things that Ursula does as a daily practice that can be perfectly described using the term: Ashtanga Yoga, Photography and herself. All of them in a unique way that reconciles discipline and playfulness. She has an uncanny instinct for function, and also a love for the aesthetics of things. She observes reality the same way she steps on the mat. Focusing. Breathing. Allowing. Stretching a little beyond.

Some artists are overly oriented to provoke a reaction, to grasp the gaze of another as if it were part of their identity. Ursula explores. She sets tiny goals and most of her work is a testimony for what is possible now.
The aliveness of pressence is perhaps her most remarkable talent.
But other qualities, such as a daring, yet elegant teasing, or an instinctual sense of light and movement, self portraiture that is not self conscious, and portraiture that exudes amazement and love for diversity, are among my favourites.
I’m privileged of being a witness to this work in progress. The unfolding of an artist.
The elegance and youthfulness of the impulse that moves the energy of connection through her. The sense of humor. The optimistic point of view. The sophistication. The discovery.
I’ve always felt attracted to late blooming artists.
They often embody a wisdom that is reflected by their art.
And this deliberate, yet open perspective is what I see in Ursula’s body of work.
She owns her acquired knowledge without losing the freshness and flexibility of beginners. She finds enjoyment in action. She gets excited and that shows up in the results. Art is an event of connection. An act of intimacy. A moment of intensity in which common existence is revealed and acknowledged. Some sort of encounter. Some sort of communion. Like air coming into the lungs and travelling the body just before leaving to come inside again. Fluid. Wave-like.
That’s why in her photography, the underlying surface is vast and the object of attention very sharp. No tension. Just life happening and flowing and catched in the act of just being.
Paz Puente Greene

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