My French Album


This morning I went through my French album on Flickr. I have collected picture there from 4 trips to France starting with 2013. I wanted to see if my photography has developed. Yes, it has.

Here is why:

  1. In 2013 I shot almost everything from landscapes to food to houses. The collection was not a collection of my best pictures, it also contained places I wanted to remember. I deleted them on Flickr. I can store them elsewhere. A good idea could be to print these pictures.
  2. My focus in photography are people. This is my main interest. Even when I take a picture of a landscape, I think that this landscape is more interesting if there are people in it. One is probably better at anything that one loves. Later I focused much more on people and my picture got more exciting.
  3. I have collected more skills in people photography than in any other genre. I read books, did online workshops, analyzed pictures and so on. I have developed taste and I know criteria when a picture is good. This makes my people photography better than my food pictures or landscape pictures.
  4. In the pictures of 2015 I applied techniques that I’ve learned. This can be seen and it bettered my pictures.


  1. Document your journey and review it from time to time.
  2. Focus on your life topics. One cannot be a master in everything.
  3. Learn techniques. Enlarge with this your possiblilities to express yourself visually.

This morning I deleted a lot of pictures on Flickr. This was not easy. Only 5 pictures from 2013 in the album ‚France‘ survived this. About 7 pictures of 2014 are still up. The rest had to go. Less is more. I could also delete a lot of pictures from 2015. Yet the more distance I have the easier it is to let go.


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