Jay Maisel – Light, gesture and color


Jay Maisel, a photographer with more than 60 years of experience wrote a book: Light gesture and color.

I read it.

The book is so precious because of the pictures alone.

One learns a lot what can be crucial on the way of becoming a better photographer.

1. Jay Maisel always had his camera with him. Always. When he traveled he had his camera next to his bed. It could be that he woke up in the middle of the night and that he wanted to capture the light of the moon or what ever. One must be fast. Light changes fast. Jay is prepared. He is ready. Always.

2. Light. There is no bad light. To prove this he showed pictures that are taken during high noon. They are convincing. Always searching light is such a good idea. That light is important is not such a brandnew idea, but Jay shows it in his pictures.

3. Gesture. Look for it. Also things can have gestures.

4. Color. Colors relate to each other. Jay differentiates between colors and color. To see a color not isolated but in relationship to the environment and the other colors around  is a very useful hint.

All four points are so helpful pointers. The book is a joy to read. Since having read this book I never forget my camera. Situations never repeat.

On a sidemark: Few pictures by Jay Maisel are retouched.


PS: The above picture is taken by myself after having read Jay Maisel’s book.




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