The sugar side


Do you know your sugar side?

The right and the left half of the face are not identical.

One side might flatter the person  more than the other side.

Perhaps one side is the emotional side, the other one the analytical side.

For me it’s difficult to make a decision.

It is said that most people have a more pleasing left side. When the parting of the hair is on the left side then it  is even very likely  that this is the sugar side.

It might be difficult but we all have preferences. To find out which side of the face we like more is a first step to a beautiful headshot.

I also remember that I was once at a photographer. First we tried to find out which side looks better. But I cannot remember anymore which side we liked more.

When one eye is larger than the other the decision is clear. The smaller eyes must be closer to the camera to compensate this difference.

Yeah details count.


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