My little turf – my website


Times have changed a lot. I don’t want to bore with: When I was young, there was no Email……. This is true, in the meantime most of us have a life! online. This needs to be organized.

A few years back I learned from a photographer how she was organizing her online activities. The own website serves as a roof, she recommended. Under this roof one can find the other activities. It’s possible to link to any other page. This made sense to me and I bought a website.

It took me days to create it. After a few months I found it old-fashioned and I rearranged everything again. My website is on my business card, under my name – nothing else. Yet over time I neglected this page.

I was busy at Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Blogger, yet my own little turf got almost no attention.

It’s time to change this.

Twice I experienced that online companies disappeared and all my witty words, my exciting pictures, my checklists, my memories were gone. Bad luck.

This is only one reason why I’ll plan to feed my website more often than I used to do in the past. Shall it flourish, shall it grow.

Oh, you want to know, who is the photographer who recommended to use the website as a roof?

I recommend her book: ‚Self-portrait Photography- the ultimate in personal expression‘ by Natalie Dybisz.


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