Organizing pictures


When I uploaded my picture the first time in Lightroom, I almost fell off my chair. I had taken more than 50.000 pictures in a few years. Soon my PC was full. I know people who have taken millions of pictures. How to organize all this. Here is my list:

1. Download the pictures from your camera every evening. Delete the blurry ones, the doublettes, the ugly ones, the bad ones.

2. I recommend Adobe Lightroom. It’s so affordable and even allows to edit pictures. I know photographers who use only Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom moves the pictures in a folder with the date of the day. I usually add after the date what pictures are in that folder. This is really easy done. The year has 365 days. One has to label 365 folders at most. If I shot different topics on a day, I add ua (and others) at the end. This allows me to find pictures rather fast.

3. I judge pictures. Those pictures that I like get 5 stars. I can filter those. Lightroom gives more options. Yet ones I read that this shall be enough and it is for me. The system  shall be simple and doable.

4. When I export pictures from Ligthtroom I have several folders, i.e.: LR-Exports 2014 Asanas, LR-Exports 2014 Portraits….. these pictures are usually edited already and I want to publish them. These pictures and the downloads are the only ones that are stored on my PC. I store my pictures usually on a huge storage. When I travel I have smaller ones with me.

That’s it. It’s really not much work, but one has to do it. Especially to delete pictures is important.

There is work behind the lens and also work behind the screen. 🙂

A first project can be: Upload your pictures in Adobe Lightroom and go through them: Delete a lot, give 5  stars to the best, label the folders.

I did this and learned a lot. I realized that my pictures were all sloping. I also realized that I cut the feet of people most of the time.

This insight changed how I take pictures today:

1. I hold my camera in both hands.

2. Before I take a pictures I check the frame and take care that everything that I want to have in the picture is also in it, especially feet. 🙂


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