How to pose?


How to pose?

In yoga photography it’s easy. The pose is the asana. 

Posing for a simple portrait can be challenging.

There are different approaches:

1. One can look in fashion magazines and copy poses. 

This might not always be easy, some poses are difficult to imitate. One must also take care if the pose fits to the personality of the model.

2. One can start with a feeling, i.e. sadness.

One can remember when one was sad and then expressing it with the body. Then meaning comes into a picture.

3. One can observe oneself. 

Everybody has typical poses.

4. One can start with a simple pose like looking straight into the camera, arms hanging down the body. From there one can develop a pose. Shifting the body weight to one leg can be a start. Then one can put the hand on this hip. Then one can look to the right side and so on.

Every gesture expresses something. A fist provokes different feelings than delicate hands.

When there is no eye contact people look longer at a picture. They become more voyeuristic if there is nobody who stares back.

A smile must happen, one cannot force it. Saying ‚cheese‘ is not a solution.

Straight limbs give the impression of stiffness. This is why it’s often recommended to bend all possible joints at least a tiny bit.


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