The different steps of a photo shooting


1. The very first step is to find a client or model. 

This can last years or as long as a question lasts.

2. Preparation with the model.

For me it makes sense to ask for the imaginations of the model. It can be that one cannot meet the expectations. I think the ideas of the photograher are needed here. This includes where to shoot, what to dress. Tips about make-up can be given. It’s also important to go through the legal aspects. One must fix time and place.

3. Preparation for the photographer.

I prefer to visit the location alone before the shooting. I love to make test pictures. The location inspires me.

I’ve a checklist of things that I want to take to a shooting. I also think of some accessories like a neutral huge scarf i.e.

4. The shooting.

Two hours is a good time, two hours before sunset.

5. Editing the pictures.

I found it helpful to take a few days for this work. Time distance to the shooting helps to see the pictures from a more neutral standpoint. This makes it easier to chose the best. Yet after 14 days this work should have found an end.

6. Uploading the edited pictures to show them to the client. 

I chose dropbox to show the pictures and to give an opportunity to buy them. This is part of my advice to get the best pictures printed.

7. Thank you letter and writing the bill. 

Having created great pictures is the first goal. The second goal is to have created such a nice event that the client returns next year for another shooting.


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