Zoom in


Sometimes it happens that I’m not sure if a picture is focused or not.

Sometimes the intention is to have parts of the picture focused other parts not.

How to find out which parts are blurry, which parts are focused?

My issue was, that I couldn’t always decide if my picture was focused or not till I found out how helpful the ‚zoom in tool‘ is. Especially when I take selfies or pictures of people I zoom in the face to see if it’s blurry or focused. I also zoom in when I edit.

In the above picture the hair is focused. The lace is slightly blurry alreay. This is OK for me.

When shooting outdoor I recommend to zoom in with the camera. Most cameras have this tool. It’s very disappointing when realizing at home that a picture is blurry that should be focused. With my eyes I cannot make out the difference on my tiny display in the camera. When I zoom in I see the difference.

Zooming in helps to judge the own pictures.


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