Alex Currie – 17 year old photographer

A few days back I discovered Alex Currie. He is a 17 year old photographer. I wondered how one can create such intensive pictures at such a young age. I read his cv and it’s the best cv that I’ve read in years.

Here I also found what I can learn from him:

1. He spends most of his time behind the camera.

This is so important. Practice, practice , practice.


2. „In my free time, I force my friends to model for me……“  I quote form his website.

Here I’m indeed rather shy. Yet I started asking already friends if they liked to be my model. And I got ‚yes‘, ‚yes‘, ‚yes‘.  My list of people that I want to have in front of my camera is growing.


3. „….in strange locations and bizarre circumstances………“ I quote from his website.

Creating lively pictures one must move. The locations are critical. They give the pictures the special extra.


4. „….while using frozen pizza boxes with tin foil as light reflectors.“ I quote from is website.

To be familiar with the technical aspects is important too. It needn’t to cost money. One can be creative.


Action list: 

1. shooting as often as possible

2. creating a list of people who like to be models

3. creating a list of locations

4. getting familiar with gadgets, the camera and other tools that might support to create stunning pictures.


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