Blending pictures – when to use this technique

DSC_0027 merge mit Perlen_bearbeitet-1

Blending pictures is a technique that one can apply easily via Photoshop Elements 11: 

First step is to move 2 pictures above each other. Second step is to click ‚blending‘.

A lot is possible with editing software.

The question is when to use which technique.

Here is a list of ideas, when I think it makes sense to use the technique of blending pictures:

1. If something is mysterious a second layer can create this atmosphere in a picture.

2. Not always we want to be as clear as possible. When observing people performing rather private activities, like dressing, it can be good advise to blend picture.

3. Blending pictures moves a picture from being documentary first to becoming something artfully

4. Sometimes one can also ’save‘ a too simple picture when merging it with another one.

5. Sometimes we are so passionately about something that we become one with it. An example: if someone is a nature lover, it could make sense to merge him/her with nature.

6. To translate metaphors in a picture, blending them could be good advise. For instance if we say about someone he/she is a ‚cunning fox‘ to blend a picture of a fox with the picture of this person can express this.

7.  In order to add an atmosphere from a country or an evening to a picture to merge 2 pictures can serve this purpose.

8. A second picture can create an interesting background.


What’s your idea?

When do you think blending pictures fit?

Your comments are welcomed.


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