How to find the best picture out of many.

Sometimes one has taken up to 1000 pictures during a photo shooting. How to find the best ones can be a real task. 

1. The first step for me is to go through all the pictures one by one and I delete the blurry ones, those where the model has the eyes closed and those who are obviously accidents. This first checking gives me already a surview about the results of the shooting. How many pictures can be deleted might differ a lot. I usually can delete about 15%.

2. My pictures are collected in Lightroom. Lightroom allows to create collections. When I go through the pictures a second time I move the more interesting pictures to 'quick collection'. The better ones are now next to each other. The shortcut for moving the picture  to quick collection is B. 

3. Lightroom allows to compare the pictures when clicking on XY. 2 pictures are always next to each other and one can decide which one is better. It makes sense to answer the question why it is better. That way the collection of the best pictures gets smaller and smaller till one has only few pictures to edit. For me it's even a goal to find the one picture that makes the difference. 

Every step of the workflow can be improved. The results can be improved, but also how fast the process is.